About the Course Writers

nerida-and-gumnut0Nerida Reid
Early Childhood Music teacher and Teacher Trainer for Jiggle Music, Early Years Piano Teacher

(co-writer Jiggle Music, joint-owner Blueberry Jam)
Miss Nerida runs the Jiggle Music early childhood music classes in Springwood and trains interested teachers on how to conduct these classes within their own studios around Australia.

As a young girl Nerida’s love of music started when she began with the fife in the school band, which progressed to flute lessons at the age of eight. Now, as a teacher, Nerida is instilling that love of music in the very young children who attend her early childhood classes each morning. After a break from the flute, Nerida decided to continue her own music learning experience by commencing piano lessons. Nerida is married to a drummer and has 2 daughters who are also musical; both playing piano as well learning guitar, clarinet and dabbling in composition/songwriting. “Music is a very big part of our lives, providing both education and enjoyment. It’s so much fun being able to play our instruments together as a family. It’s another way for us to bond with our daughters.”

Nerida has been teaching early childhood music classes since 2005. She has over 20 years experience of working with very young children within schools, holiday programs and an education based playgroup. Children under five years of age are Nerida’s passion as they are growing and developing rapidly. To see the wonder and excitement upon their faces is such a joy for Nerida and parents. “Children in this age group are full of discovery which provides a great stimulus for learning”.

Nerida loves to provide music as part of their education believing they not only need to listen to music but be physically taking part in playing music to meet and achieve their full potential. Having two children who started music early in life has also provided Nerida with years of parenting skills and strategies to assist parents with their child’s music journey, both within the classroom and at home.

Nerida has spent many hours writing and refining the course content for Jiggle Music and currently conducts training for new teachers around Australia. She is passionate about teaching and enjoys the challenges and joys of working with both the early childhood age group as well as the adults attending her training sessions.


tina-profile1Tina Noetzel B.Mus, A.Mus.A.
Modern Piano Teacher, Musician, Composer, Singer Songwriter

(co-writer Jiggle Music, joint-owner Blueberry Jam)


Tina Noetzel has a teaching background dating from 1996. She conducts lessons for students across a range of ages, styles and levels and believes in moulding lessons to suit the goals and aspirations of each individual student. Tina offers motivating lessons with the goal to bring forward each student’s creativity and for all students to have fun and enjoy their musical journey; no matter what age or level they are. Her strength lies in her ability to relate to and connect with both students and parents creating a strong learning partnership and student retention.

Tina has experience with a number of teaching methods and syllabi including Australia and New Zealand Cultural Arts (ANZCA) Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) – classical, leisure and contemporary popular music. Over the years she has conducted private lessons as well as group lessons of up to eight students in a class. Tina’s exam students across the years have consistently achieved an Honours result. She aims to prepare all students beyond the minimum requirements or expectations so that the exam becomes a positive and fulfilling experience of setting and achieving a goal. Tina also strives to equip her students with a ‘musical skill set’ which is able to be applied and developed from a very solid foundation in musicality.

Tina’s own background began as an enthusiastic 4 year old learning keyboard and then organ on the north-side of Brisbane. She progressed to the piano at age 8 years and studied both practical piano and theory for both ANZCA (modern pianoforte) and AMEB (classical pianoforte) exams under the direction of Eileen Sutton. Tina went on to complete a Bachelor of Music (BMus) in composition under the direction of Stephen Leek, from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music in 2000 and was awarded an Associate Diploma of Music Australia (AMusA) under the direction of Jenni Flemming, from the AMEB in 2003. She was awarded a Certificate of Distinction for a high grade point average in her final year at the Conservatorium as well as the Australian Voices Young Composer 2000.

In recent years Tina has been involved in writing music for C&K Community Kindergarten’s Q150 celebration concert held at the Brisbane Convention centre as well as the “Five Energies” educational kit for children with learning disabilities. She dedicated her time and energy from 2009-2011 composing, recording and editing a total of 76 songs for the Jiggle Music CDs as well as running a full-time teaching studio for piano students advancing through to Diploma level in modern music. Tina currently attends Miss Nerida’s Jiggle Music classes with her own son and loves every minute of it! (visit www.facebook.com/jigglemusic for her regular updates)



sue-southey1Sue Southey
M.Ed., B.Ed St., Dip T EC
Early Childhood Music Consultant

(co-writer Jiggle Music, consultant to Blueberry Jam)


Sue Southey is an experienced early childhood teacher who has worked with young children and families in C&K Community Kindergartens for many years. In 2009 Sue was a recipient of a State and Territory NEiTA Inspirational Teaching Award. Sue is a part-time lecturer at Griffith University in Early Childhood Studies. Sue is currently completing her Masters in Early Years at QUT. She is vice President of the Early Childhood Teachers’ Association.

In Sue’s consulting business she works with early childhood professionals and music organisations to provide training in early childhood music education and classroom management skills. Sue is a regular presenter of early childhood music professional development in Brisbane, regional areas of Queensland and Melbourne. From 2003 to 2007 Sue worked as part of a research and development team at Forte School of Music to develop the award winning Jungle Music Programme for children aged 6 mths to 3 ½ years. She also facilitated classes for parent and toddler groups in music, and worked as a trainer of early childhood music tutors. Sue is a regular presenter in early childhood enrichment at the Suzuki Winter School in Brisbane.