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Welcome to Jiggle Music -

An Activity Based Learning Programme for Children

buycdsJiggle Music is an early childhood music course for children up to four years of age (approximately.)  It is an activity-based learning programme where children are immersed in multi-sensory activities that enable them to experience the core foundations of music.

Children experience a diverse range of musical styles to form the basis of their musical beginnings.  They are engaged in specifically written music which allows them to access developmentally appropriate musical activities through movement, singing and instruments in a highly stimulating and fun environment.

Parents are an essential learning partner in their child’s musical journey and are an integral part of each lesson. Aside from all of the benefits your child will gain through actively participating in music from a young age, it’s so much fun!

 Playing music is the brain’s equivalent of a full body workout

See why engaging in music, rather than just listening, engages practically every area of the brain at once! This strengthens our brain functions allowing us to apply this to other activities and areas of life.
Check it all out in this short video from TedEd.

Small business opportunities for those interested in teaching Jiggle Music  –

See here for information